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How many subscribers does Pewdiepie have vs. T-Series?

Watch the two most subscribed youtube channels go head to head! T-Series vs Pewdiepie Live Subscriber Count! The most subscribed youtuber pewdiepie subscriber count vs. T-Series!

This is the first time ever another YouTube channel has come close to taking the number one spot in YouTube as the most subscribed channel!

Up until now, Pewdiepie has always been number one, but it looks like that is about to change, very soon! 

how many subscribers does pewdiepie have

T Series vs Pewdiepie Subscriber Count LIVE

You can watch T-Series battle it out against Pewdiepie, live here!

If the growth rates stay the same, then T-Series will overtake Pewdiepie in less than two months!

T series vs pewdiepie live subscriber count