How To Make a Website in 30 Minutes!

How To Make a Website for Free

In this video I show you how to make your own website for free by doing it yourself! However, there are a couple of things we need to buy to setup our site, though these are very small.

how to make a website from scratch with wordpress






How To Create a Website from Scratch?

The best part about this course is we show you how to build your own website from start to finish without any previous knowledge or experience! How? This is possible because we will be leveraging the power of WordPress!

how to create a website for free






How To Make Your Own Website Without Coding?

We look at how to create your own website without coding using the wysiwyg functionality of WordPress. This means that adding new content to your wordpress website is no different to how you would use a text editing software to add and edit content.

how to make your own website for free






How To Build a Website Like The Pros?

WordPress is so popular that huge organizations and celebrities like Mashable, CNN, Katie Perry, Kim Kardashian all use the website builder to create web pages.

How To Set Up a Website for Your Business?

The skills you will learn in this course will enable you to design your own website and how to build your own website using three things: a domain name, web hosting and wordpress. Fortunately, the latter is 100% FREE!

Can I make my own website the way I want it?

Yes. The great thing about WordPress is that there are hundreds of free themes and plugins available that we can use to quickly and easily customize our website so it is unique.

How to start a website without money?

We show you how to design a website using the FREE wordpress website maker. However, every single website online needs a domain name and hosting, so these are our only costs. However, we show you how to grab both for around $10 a month. This is about the cost of a takeout each month so pretty much everyone can afford this.

If you have considered starting a website but didn't know how then this course is for you! You can follow us step by step in the videos and learn how to make a web page of your own and you will see that setting up a website isn't as hard as you thought.

1. Overview

2. What Can You Do With These Skills?

3. What You Need

4. Domain and Hosting

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5. Hostgator Welcome Email

6. Installing WordPress

7. Logging in to your Website

Login URL:

8. Removing sample content

9. SEO Friendly URLs

10. Download Website Assets

11. PowTheme

12. Beaver Builder & Custom CSS plugin

13. Site Logo

14. Header Image

15. Background Image

16. Homepage

17. Contact Us page

Plugin used:

Contact Form 7

18. Navigation Menu

19. Sidebar

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