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I started as a complete beginner and had so many questions and was confused on many things. Your step by step videos made everything easy! Thank you so much, I now have a beautiful website and cannot thank you enough!

Anna W.


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Super Happy People

Check out some of the comments from people using our tutorials to create their own websites!

Rak N.

Very easy to follow and most useful video I have EVER watched on Youtube. Had my doubt about WordPress, but I am now convinced and can't wait to start. Thanks a bunch!!!

Nisim B.

I'm a web developer; and find this tutorial very useful, thank you!!!

Mimi H.

Thank you for this excellent tutorial -- very clear and the next best thing to having someone actually hold my hand and walk me through setting up my website. I was baffled by WordPress before but now feel capable of diving in and building a site to be proud of. I will recommend this to all my writer and editor friends.

Travis S.

Spot on! One of the best I've seen for web dev.

Eddie A.

One of the most useful tutorials on WP I have seen. Thank you for taking the time to teach at the "Newbie" level!

Felix L.

Thank you very much for this tutorial, It's really helpful especially for the beginners like me. Keep it up ! 🙂

Alex B.

Sir I want to personally shake your hand ! Thank you so much

Gord G.

If I had 4 hands I would give 4 thumbs up! Thanks so much

Connie B.

Setting up my own website was never a possibility for me - until I found this video. I can't afford to pay someone to design one so you are like an ANGEL. Thank you so much!!


Awesome tutorial! This demonstration was both informative and easy to basically summarized the key points (of a book that I recently read) all within an hour! Well done!

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