Top 5 Least Secure Usernames Right Now

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How To Choose a Secure Username?

WordPress has become so popular that it powers around 25% of all the websites online! If you're a WordPress user then you'll love the amount of free plugins and themes available for us to use on our sites.

One thing people don't think too much about is website security, and the first step to creating a secure site is choosing a secure username and password! Simple right?

Those Darn Hacker Bots!

Believe it or not, there are hacker bots continuously scanning for sites and attempting to login using some common usernames and passwords.

I manage multiple wordpress sites and I often get alerts (sometimes daily!) of unauthorized login attempts.

Choosing a strong username and password is therefore an essential step to website security!

Don't Choose These Usernames

Based on my findings, these are the top 5 most commonly used usernames by the hacker bots:


If you choose any of the above for the username for your site then you are seriously putting your website at risk!

What Else Can I Do?

While there are many other things you can do to secure a site such as keeping your plugins and themes up to date, as well as wordpress itself. The most important thing is keeping regular backups of your site!

If you have a backup of your site then if anything goes wrong with your site or the bad guys manage to get in and wreak havoc then you can quickly and easily restore your site to it's previous state using the backup!

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