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How To Find What WordPress Theme is that website or blog using?

what wordpress theme is that site usingOften times we come across a wordpress site and ask ourself what wordpress theme is that? If you are a web developer then you may already know how to find out what wordpress templates a site is using, but for most people they wouldn't know.

With hundreds of WordPress website templates out there, guessing is not an option!

The Solution Is Simple!

Finding out what wordpress themes a website or blog is using is easier than you may think!

You could dive into the website's source code by right-clicking on the page and selecting ‘View Page Source' or ‘View Source'. Then a quick search using CONTROL and F on your keyboard, for terms like ‘Theme' or ‘WordPress' will help you to discover what wordpress theme they are using.

However, you can't always use this method to find out the wordpress theme a site is using, so sometimes you will need to dig a little deeper! This sounds like a lot of work, but luckily for us there are Quick & Easy ways outlined below!

Isn't There a Quicker Way to Find what theme is that?

While some people may be able to find the Theme from the source code, others may want a more simple and convenient way to find out what wordpress template a site is using.

WordPress Theme Detector Tools

Actually, there are a bunch of free tools out there that can help us do just that! (list below)

To use these website theme detector tools, simply paste in the URL of the website or blog, and the tool does the rest! It's that easy!

Within a few seconds you will know instantly what wordpress theme is that website using!

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